#54 – Palmleaflibrary in India (part 2)/ My reading

As already mentioned in my last post #53 – Palmleaflibrary in India (part 1) / My future written on a palmleaf?: Three months ago I got my appointment for a palmleafreading in Bangalore. After long waiting last week I actually went to Bangalore for a second time and got a reading about how my future will be like. All my fears he might not find my palmleaf weren’t necessary – because he found it after a few questions and directly started reading…

Goose bumps

First the reader explains to me in which age which planet influences my life. (I have no idea what that means, but I will read about that.)

Directly after that he tells me that I would like to know who I am and that I’m searching for the meaning of this life. (Okay… You can say that this is a little bit obvious as I came to him. But anyway… Yes, I am actually looking for answers to these questions. And this is also a reason why I made my way to India this year.)

Furthermore he tells me that I started working at the age of 19 (which is correct…) and tells me about my professional dreams. … Which suddenly makes me getting goose bumps on my whole body, because since a few weeks I think a lot about exactly that and as he heard my thoughts he exactly mentioned my wishes (how spooky is that?!). I look at him with huge eyes and he askes me: “Is that what you are wishing for?” – “Ah… Yes.” – “No worries. It’s coming true. Not now. But it’s coming.”

After that he mentions a few topics which I will learn about in my life. In a few of them I’m actually interested, others not. But: One of them for example is Yoga (he also knows that I already know how to teach it – again I cannot believe what he is saying…) and Indian philosophy (there are a lot of book about that on my wishlist for birthday – nothing more to add…).

My future

These mentioned topics lead us to my future. He tells me in which age there will be changes in my private as well as professional life – and also what (!) will change. I’m a little bit upset as it’s still a lot of years. Then he corrects himself concerning the age. (I hope he didn’t do that just to make me happy… But sooner or later I’m going to proof it.)

This year, he explains, I will travel a lot (this was the idea for this year…). He tells me that I will visit the most important cities of this world . I explain that this definitely wasn’t my plan he is fine with that.

About my past lifes

From my actual life we switch to my past lifes. I had two lifes in India and three in Europe. He also explains what kind of work I did in these past lifes and how that influences my actual life. With a few topics I’m already familiar or interested.

For example due to one of my past lifes, when I travel, I feel like home in other countries very quickly (which surprised me when I came to India as it is so different to Austria, but I felt comfortable from the beginning). Due to that I will travel a lot, but won’t change my place of living and stay in Austria.


When it comes to my family/mother, I’m finally super surprised. He tells things about our relationship (in a positive way of course 🙂 ) which definitely don’t fit for every mother-daughter-relationship – but to ours. I think also my mother was really surprised when I told her about that. Very spooky…

Mantra and questions

It’s also common that one get’s his/her own mantra, which you should repeat every day in the morning and evening. It helps to reach one’s goals and to realize the dreams. To be honest: Mine is only six Sanskrit words. I didn’t learn them yet, but I guess I should start!

When he askes me if I have any questions I just realize, that all the notes I made before where answered – only my health is left. I’m happy he tells me that there are no big health issues. I have some troubles with one of my organs (which is definitely true and again I can’t believe that he knows that) and tells me what I could do to make it better. I will live a long life and he also tells me my age of death (I don’t know if I wanted to know that…).

Too much information in only 30 minutes… In this situations no more questions come to my mind. As I’m not really sure how I should deal with all the information, I obviously look a little bit lost. That’s when he tells me: „Be happy with all that. You have the right focus.“, and smiles.


At the beginning I was a little bit confused as different articles told me that the finding of the right palmleaf takes a lot more effort than it did in my case. And that he didn’t tell me anything about my past in this life (Unfortunately I recognized too late and didn’t ask for it… I could have proofed if it’s right what he was saying… 😉 ).

Overall he told me some things, which I can’t imagine or which doesn’t fit to my life. But at the same time there where so many things which made me really wonder and which I cannot believe that he knew – not even one week after this appointment. A few things might fit to the majority of women in my age. But definitely not all. How is that possible?

Now I’m super curios, if the things he predicted about my future come true. I will let you know… 🙂

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#53 – Palmleaflibrary in India (part 1) / My future written on a palmleaf?

It is said that thousands of years ago in India there where people who wrote down on palm leafs about peoples lifes in the future. About people like you and me. Today it is said that you can go to a palmleaflibrary and get a reading of your leaf. Who have you been in your past lifes? What happened in the past of this actual life? What is the actual situation? What will happen in the future? Professional life. Private life. Health. I’m super open concerning all spiritual topics and things – but how should that work out?! … Last week I actual had my own reading. And my age of death was only one of the things I’ve been told.

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First things first: My English is not that good – even worse when I need to write something. Nevertheless I decided to publish this article also in English as Sudhanshu and Sonali – you will get to know them, no worries – don’t speak German, but should definitely understand this article. 🙂 There we go…

Besides my experiences with the hostel and sights and other city-related things following you will find the story of my personal highlight of this city trip…

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