#53 – Palmleaflibrary in India (part 1) / My future written on a palmleaf?

It is said that thousands of years ago in India there where people who wrote down on palm leafs about peoples lifes in the future. About people like you and me. Today it is said that you can go to a palmleaflibrary and get a reading of your leaf. Who have you been in your past lifes? What happened in the past of this actual life? What is the actual situation? What will happen in the future? Professional life. Private life. Health. I’m super open concerning all spiritual topics and things – but how should that work out?! … Last week I actual had my own reading. And my age of death was only one of the things I’ve been told.

First of all I have to say that is article is primarily for all the people I met during my journey who are super curios how my “appointment” in Bangalore was. I ask all of you again to be lenient with me concerning my English… I hope you understand what I’m trying to say… 😉 

When Elfi, Stefans aunt, in autumn 2018 asked me if I will visit a palmleaflibrary in India, I haven’t heard anything about it…

What is a palmleaflibrary?

There were Gurus – called Maharishi – living in India, who were at a very high spiritual level and whose main aim was to make the future life of mankind better. The result of their work is palm leaves (as that time there was no paper), on which they wrote, by means of their special ability, the fate of people living today and in human history.

These sacred writings are arranged and have been kept and saved in sacred libraries in order that people can get to know their content. There are several libraries in India, especially in the south, in the region of Tamil Nadu. Palm leaves are arranged on the basis of fingerprint types and they also need non-stop maintenance and rewriting.

Interpriting, borrowing and reading of palm leaves have always been the privilage of palm leaf reader families for thousands of years. The tradition is that the knowledge is passed on from father to son. The young swamis can read palm leaves after 15 years’ study. They need decades of experience to become a guru who does his work with high quality. (https://www.palmleaves.eu)

The purpose

After reading a book Elfi gave me and a few experience reports in the internet where people explain, that a lot of the things said are true or became true in the future, I ask myself more than ever: How is that possible? And decide: I definitely need to get my own reading.

Later – in India

After my trip to Hampi with Karin I plan to go to Bangalore. The book mentioned above gives a few addresses of palm leaf libraries in India – and one is in this city. Although I decided to go there it feels very unreal – also because I didn’t really organize anything accept a busticket to go there. I don’t even know how to find the libraray. Nevertheless I belive what people say: If there is a leaf for you, you will get there.

When I told Karin about my plans she suddenly remembered a friend who did the same thing and guess what: She contacted her and this friend found a business card of the reader – after 18 years! On the top of this it is the same reader who I planned to visit.

Better late than never – I try to reach the reader on the phone. The first call is not a positive one: They tell me that I have to wait three months for an appointment and could come in June. Unfortunately it doesn’t change the situation that I have already booked a bus and a hotel and need to go back to Austria in May.

As I already booked my trip I visit Bangalore and Mysore. When I am there I call the number again (I feel I really need this appointment…). They don’t have an appointment for me, but invite me to Maha Shivatri and afterwards tell me I shall call again concerning the reading – a dawn of hope…
In the end I really got my appointment for 23rdMay at 2.30 pm. Whereever I will go in India the next three months – in the end I will be back in Bangalore.

23rdMay 2019

… And that’s where I was last week. At 2 pm I’m already waiting there with a few other people and I’m happy that the reader arrives – finally – at 3 pm (after four months I should got used to lateness in this country…). The appointment took place in a normal apartment building in a kind of a small office with a waiting- and a consultation room.

To be honest: I’m nervous a little bit. What will he tell to me? Will he know all the details of my past? And what will be said about my future? What if there are huge challenges? Or things I don’t want to know? … But there is no time for overthinking – I’m the first person who is asked to come to the consultation room.

Looking for my palmleaf

A few experience reports in the internet explain, that people need to give their fingerprint in advance and are later asked questions to find their palm leaf. Questions are very precise – e.g. “Is the name of your father XY?” what really surprised me.

With my appointment it was a little bit different… I just had to leave my first name, birth date, -time and -place in advance. When I came there he asked me a few more questions:
-) Are your parents still alive?
-) Are they still together?
-) Do you have brothers or sisters?-) Are you married?
-) Is your partner also from Austria?
-) What is your profession?

After that he went to a small room in the back, started to look for something (obviously the right palm leafe – mine!) and really comes back with a pack of paper held together by two pieces of wood.

He opens it and starts reading.

To be continued...

Deutsche Version: #53 – Palmblattbibliothek in Indien (Teil 1) / Meine Zukunft auf einem Palmblatt?

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