#35 – Travel Report Panjim (Panaji) – My Highlight: About an unplanned reunion and superwarm hospitality

First things first: My English is not that good – even worse when I need to write something. Nevertheless I decided to publish this article also in English as Sudhanshu and Sonali – you will get to know them, no worries – don’t speak German, but should definitely understand this article. 🙂 There we go…

Besides my experiences with the hostel and sights and other city-related things following you will find the story of my personal highlight of this city trip…

Let’s start at an earlier date 6 weeks ago…

At the beginning of march I made my way from Bangalore to Goa by plane where I start chatting with Sudhanshu. I cannot remember how our conversation startet, but in the end we talked about all and nothing. Where does he live. Where does he come from. What did he do in Bangalore. I find out that he is a photographer and blogger together with his girlfriend. I explain where I come from and what brought me to India. About my blog and how it came that it’s called unplannable. And he is also the person who tells me: „Yes… Life is unplannable!“ which I can’t get out of my head from this moment on and later attach to the name of this blog.

We wait together for our luggage and he also makes sure that my taxi driver is really waiting for me. We exchange our Instagram-Accounts, he offers to meet if I come to Panjim and we go our ways.

To be honest: I don’t believe that we will meet again as I don’t think that I will travel to Panjim. But: Who knows… 🙂

And guess what: The situation changed…

I also started to follow his girlfriend, Sonali, on Instagram, I’m exited about Sudhanshus photos (Website), and about their way of living a low, minimal waste and vegan lifestyle which is unimaginable for myself at the moment (Oursluglife – the art of slow living, Minimalwasteindia).

After a few comments and messages I realized that both are superwarm and open-minded persons. Sonali is also super funny and makes me smile a lot of times. As I’m now in Panjim anyway I really like the idea of meeting them!

We decide to go the beach one evening, but unfortunately Sonali as well as me are not well and we need to cancel our date. A few days later Sonali invites me for lunch to their place and I’m superhappy about that!

On my last day in Panjim I take a Rikscha to their place, which takes me double of the time Google Maps told me. The Rikschadriver doesn’t like/can use my navi – but in the end we made our way… Welcome to India!

Sudhanshu meets me at the street and takes me upstairs where Sonali and two more friends of them are already waiting. In this moment I realize that a few weeks ago I really thought that we won’t see each other again and now there is this unplanned reunion. While Sonali prepares the food we are chatting about all and nothing and I feel it’s super funny: Sudhanshu and me just talked a few hours in the plane and Sonali and I just met, but it feels superwarm and uncomplicated.

After that we enjoy this delicious food. Sonali got the vegetables last evening at the street near their apartment, where women sell their harvest of the day. She prepared pumpkin puree, rice and okra with spices (but not spicy – which makes me superhappy!). I really love it! She is a great cook and I’m sad there is not enough time to learn from her…

After lunch we take a picture and I hand over my supersmall gifts: one shell for both of them. As the English word doesn’t come to my mind I call it „Mushells“ (German: Muscheln) and which makes us laugh a lot. From now I will never forget that the real name is „shells“. 😉

Sonali takes me back to the hostel with her scooter. At the coffeeshop again I pass through this day and close my citytrip to Panjim with memories of incredible hospitality and a lot of warmth of this great couple.

German Version: #35 – Reisebericht Panjim (Panaji) – Mein Highlight: Von einem ungeplanten Wiedersehen und unglaublich herzlicher Gastfreundschaft

3 Kommentare zu „#35 – Travel Report Panjim (Panaji) – My Highlight: About an unplanned reunion and superwarm hospitality

  1. Liebe Anja,

    kurz, ganz kurz, hab ich mir überlegt, einen Kommentar auf Englisch zu schreiben. Dann hab ich begonnen, mir zu überlegen, wie der denn lauten könnte. Und Stopp. Aus die Maus. Geht nimmer. Sorry. Englisch futsch. Italienisch futsch. Ein Trauerspiel, aber bittere Realität.

    In diesem Sinne: du bist ein Wahnsinn, dass du so eine Länge in so einem perfekten Englisch schaffst. Wahnsinn!


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